STAR Global Forum2009

STAR Global Aerospace, Defense, and Marine Forum 2009 Report

The STAR conference was held on 1st-2nd Sep. 2009 at Marriott Hotel Long Beach, CA USA.

As BoxCluster has been a very good partnership with CD adapco, we both are now focusing into the industry requiring a high performance computing system to run the STAR-CCM+ effectively.

Mr. Sano has represented BoxCluster for the panel discussion with other hardware vendors to contribute CD-adapco to utilize the hardware performance for their future software development.

Thank you so much for visiting our booth. We are looking forward to seeing you at next STAR conference!

STAR Conference Poster

Conference venue

Exhibition area

BoxCluster Booth appearance

Thanks to Virginia Tech, Prof. Wayne Neu and his staffs coming to our booth

Mr. Ajay from AAA Computers explaining the system at our booth

Panel discussion with HP, Cray, Qlogic, Panasas, and BoxCluster

Lucky draw

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