Ter@tec 2009

ISC 2009 Report

International Supercomputing Conference 2009 was held on 23rd-26th June, 2009 at the Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany.

ISC offers a platform for people who are interested in HPC, professional in HPC and personal exchanges of ideas and experiences.

This is the very 1st time that we have displayed our product at the ISC venue or the Europe exhibitions. It was also a good opportunity to share a booth with our distributor, KERLABS.

It was a successful exhibition and great experiences for BoxCluster!
Thank you very much for visiting our booth at ISC’09!

Bis zum nächsten Mal ( See you next time ) !

Congress Center in Hamburg.

Intel’s second booth with F1 car.

BoxCluster Booth appearance.

Mr. Mulot from Kerlabs explaining our solution.

Platinum sponsor’s booth.

NEC’s powerful SX9 on display.

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