"46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit” Report

Thank you very much for visiting us at our booth during the 46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit.
The BoxClusterML demoing Prof. Jameson's SYN107 code during the exhibit was exceptionally successful. Throughout the show, Prof. Jameson, the BoxCluster evangelist was giving short lecture as well as explaining his experiences and advantages using BoxClusterML.

The live demonstration under 100% stress condition made everyone's eyes popped out as it was amazingly quiet.

AIAA image01
Welcome to AIAA show at Reno.
AIAA image02
Our booth outlook. You can see the NASA’s booth behind us.
AIAA image03
Facing our booth from end of the reception hall.
AIAA image04
Award winner, Lincoln the working dog.
AIAA image05
Prof. Jameson explaining this work at our booth.
AIAA image06
BoxClusterML running Prof. Jameson’s code.
AIAA image07
Dr. John Vassberg, the co-author of Prof. Jameson’s paper announced at this 46th AIAA meeting.

We will exhibit again at 2009 for 47th AIAA Meeting and Exhibit. See you again at Orlando Florida!

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