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2U silent server - The RackML is a 2U rackmount chassis designed for high density racking solution. The short depth with only less than 18" made possible to place back to back configuration. It can also serve as the office corner server with small sized rack as it is an extremely quiet server.

Why choose RackML

  • Depth less than 18" : can put back to back configuration
  • Quiet as 42.5dB(A)
  • SATA/SAS hotswap x 4 (for SAS additional card required)
  • X38ML chipset with the Intel Quad Core gives plenty of head room for the performance
  • Weight only 30 lbs with full 4xHDDs configuration
  • PCI-Express x16 expansion slot enables the optional high speed interconnect card such as QsNetII or even a graphic card like Quadro FX1700.
  • Seemless software imgration from BoxClusterML for further scalability
  • Light weight server designed to fit on the standard office floor loading