BoxCluster Series

BoxCluster Facts


World No.1 Silent Cluster: As demonstrated at SC07, the BoxClusterML is the world No.1 Silent Personal Supercomputer available on market for 4node X38 chipset architecture. It gives a "bed room quiet" comfort. You cannot hear the noise of the system under the normal office environment.Unlike the other companies' products, we successfully made the noise level down under the 100% full load.

Large fan: To cool the system yet keeping the noise level down, we implemented one large industrial fan at the back of the system. We have been using this fan for the past generations of the BoxCluster series for a number of years but it has never broken even once! The high reliable fan will help the system running very stable for 24hours 365days a year.

Low power usage: We have displayed the demo at SC07 with Fluent program running 100% load. We measured the amount of power used by one BoxClusterML (8core, 32GB memory) system and it was constantly around 450 - 550W. Therefore this system can be put on the wall plug without any changes to the current office environment. Even two systems can be plugged into one power socket to run the 8node 16core system.

Scalable system: One system can take up to 16cores of CPU and also additional high speed interconnects such as Infiniband and Quadrics. Also it can put the accelerator card such as the ClearSpeed. The system can be stack on top of each other to make 32core system demonstrated at SC07 or even it can be expanded to a larger system with implementation of high speed network connection.

Visualization system: The system has a capability of having a graphic card on the each computer node. With having a graphic card on the node, it can be used as a visualization system with displaying onto 8 or even 16 displays. At the SC07, the Quadro FX card was used to display the Fluent demo from the host node. For the customized configuration, please contact our sales for further enquiries.

Security: The front door with key lock provides additional security to protect the BoxClusterML from physical intrusions. When the door is closed and locked, no one can touch the power or reset buttons, or USB connectors.

Furniture look: The piano white color and round corner design give a soft touch to the environment even it can be placed as a piece of furniture in the office.

Mobile and ready to use: The system has wheels to move freely from room to room. Even you can wheel down from your office to the lecture/conference room and start the demo. Since there are no cables around the system other than one power cable, unlike the rackmount system where you have to rack the server and connect all the cables at the back, this BoxClusterML is setup to start your demo in a matter of seconds. In fact, our SC07 setups took only 20mins for entire demo setup from taking the system out from the box and connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor, then start running the demo software with 8node clustering configuration.