BoxCluster Series


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BoxClusterNXi - provides the ideal deskside supercomputing environment with the new generation Intel Corei7 architecture solution.
The 16core/48GB memory system with silent operation makes the excellent platform for the high performance calculation at your desk side.

Why choose BoxClusterNXi

TurnkeyTurn key solution gives ready to use the system with required software loaded, so no specialized IT engineering required to setup and operate this system.
PerformanceExcellent performance can be achieved with proven benchmarking.
TurnkeyThe system is extremely quiet even when running 100%. It won’t disturb your work and your neighbors, too.
TurnkeyThe entire deskside cluster solution can run under 15A, so it can be plugged in straight to the wall socket. No need for a specialized power requirement.
MobileThe system comes with wheels mounted. It can be moved around for easy deployment, or change of the work location.
TurnkeyScalable with 10GbE, Quadrics, Infiniband solution integrated to the BoxClusterNXi.
Light weightThe system weight of less than 95lbs giving no worries for the floor loading. It can be placed on the standard office floor.
Light weightIt has implemented a “blade concept” for easy maintenance. The internal node can be taken out from the system without the specialized tool and can be replaced while the other nodes are running.
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